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 Waiting book BrownCo Publishing is the publishing company of our featured author Karen C. Brown, who below talks her new book entitled Waiting

"I am truly blessed and excited about my second novel who's main character is Laveta Poole, aka Big Honey, who has always been a woman who lived her life by her own rules and sometimes living life close to the edge. A phenomenal woman capable of handling most anything that comes her way, including the good, the bad and the definitely the ugly. Big Honey has been married twice and is the mother of three children. She's survived a severe health challenge, the disappointment of a lost love and being estranged from her sisters stemming from years of insecurities and jealousness.
What she isn't prepared for is the day that her current husband, Mancy and their young daughter take a walk to the corner store and they both disappear without a trace. Nobody knows what happened to them; it seemed they just walked off into the abyss. Was their disappearance due to foul play or something else? What Big Honey doesn't realize is that Mancy has made a discovery that set forth a chain of events that completely alters the course of his life and those around him.

What is unique about this story is, if you read my first book, If the Tree Could Talk (oh what stories it would tell), some of the characters appear in the beginning of Waiting to take care of some unfinished business and you are then introduced to Big Honey and she begins her journey.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it. Thank you to all my supporters and I'm not done yet because I'm already working on my third novel."


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